So i've been pretty busy lately and haven't really had time to hit this bad jackson up and couldn't from work really because Carla decided to put a picture of a naked woman up. But today is a new day and this video explains it all.


I have a new night with my friend Monique from Hater Magazine called TALMBOUT TUESDAYS, I know what you're thinking, "what a rad name?!" Yeah I know, I made it up.

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Cheap drinks, (2 dollar green bottle beers, shots, and daquris) dope music (yours truly and my guest brethren) all in a nice little spot downtown (Grab Bar.) This week we got Morsy from NY falling through ( also my good friends Twitch and Dayta playing the jam-bos. CHEA!!
So last night...

I freestyled my set and wasn't really happy with it. I haven't had much sleep this week because the Tuesday kinda effed up my sleeping schedule and also i've been trying to crank out a mix for SXSW. Boohoo.

HIGHLIGHTS: An obnoxious white girl who got on stage and requested Kings of Leon, then hit the usb cable on the serato box paralyzing the sound for a minute. Thanks whitegirl!

HIGHLIGHT 2: My friend Dustee playing pool with his gf. He had a tricky shot in front of him and he told her that if he makes it, he gets to walk it out in her ass....he made the shot. Thats whats up.


And last but not least my good friend Andy hooked me up with this epileptic beauty.

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