Austin = Awesome

They should really consider renaming Austin to Awesome. I have a bad ass time every time I go time.

So we checked out the SWOLL party @ Beauty Bar with Dj Mel, Prince Klassen, and from Baltimore, Dave Nada.

I have no flicks from inside the party. =/

But trust, it was amazing. The Beauty Bar was hot as hell but that didn't stop us from having a good time. My hetero life partner Klassen opened up, but we got there too late and missed his set (sorry boo!) That's ok though! I saw him annihilate The Proletariat this past Thursday, and i'm sure he did just that @ this ho-down.


We walked in on Dj Mel mid-set, killing it with some Atlanta Bass, Booty Bass, and Baile Funk jernts. He ended with the dance my pain away instrumental where Dave Nada began a hard-ass Baltimore Club set that lasted about 2 hours....which is where magic happened! Puddles of sweat began mysteriously appearing on the floor! Magic I tell you! Yeah...SO! Dave Nada was playing the hardest shit i've ever heard, every time he dropped a track I was like that old lady from Napoleon Dynamite who saw the boat in the bottle and said, "I want that!"


I left the party as a sweaty/happy man, I wish I took flicks but then I don't. If I did I probably wouldn't post them because we were acting silly as hell and looked like we jumped in a pool of nasty.

HOWEVER, I do have some awesome flicks post-party.

Me Josh Trent acting a damn donkey outside the club.

Me with some spinners that were just laying around.

I was yelling YUUUUUUUUUUUUOOOO the whole time like the
Soulja Boy - Crank Dat song.

I don't think anyone else thought it was as awesome as I thought it was....I rule.

SO! After we left the club we headed towards this afterparty at some MEGA 7 bedroom loft/castle in downtown Austin....but before we got there, we got stopped in traffic due to a WHAT!?!?!


YEZZIR! There were two cars ahead of us and the light turned red. So the driver of the car in front got out of her car and was yelling hella noise to the car behind her. THEN, the girl in the 2nd car got out along with her girlfriends and one of them yelled one on one....then it went down.

Luckily, ya boy was on the scene armed with a camera...

I have no idea why they were fighting. I have no idea why I jumped out the car to document it. I guess I was bored sitting in traffic. Regardless it was awesome.

After, we went to a party at some loft...knew absolutely noone then left because it was awkward. Not awesome.

Well that pretty much sums up my Austin trip. Bye Bye.