I had a talk with Nos Def on aim a couple days before the party last night.

I hit him with a barrage of questions because they just kept shooting off in my head randomly. My questions went a lil something like this even though they didn't get recorded in aim.

Why don't you smile in pictures?

How would you describe the album?

What are your favorite tracks?

Who did the art for your album?

And of course....any shout outs?

Heres what my man Nosaprise had to say

nosaprise: whats good kid

nosaprise: hhaaaaa

nosaprise: there 14 tracks on the album , i like all the tracks on it iguess my favorite is this song called ebb on it and i don't smile inpictures cause i was told it lowers my street cred

nosaprise: and we all know how important that is in this dog eat dogbidnezz

nosaprise: my homie aaron smith we gre up together i've known him since1st or 2nd grade and he does most of my art work for flyers, tshirts andstuff

nosaprise: hmmmm let me see
nosaprise: well not sure if theres anything else i want to put outthere. but i 'de like to say thanks to my homie that help this music happen like joel at sucker punch , hurricane , bobby , comp1 and ya'll speakerboxx cats for hosting this lil shindig