Nintendub Sangles!

Couple of joints I cooked up since people were asking for them. Label it how you please. I call it dubstep with an acapella seasoned on top. You can call it Thugstep or whatever, I respect Nappy and his movement, but when I made the tape I wasn't like, "Oh this is Thugstep." I was trying to make something out of things I like. Enjoy!

Squincy Jones - Shawty Swing (Nintendub Edit) - Mike Lennon: When Science Fails (Hektagon Remix) / Kp & Envi - Shorty Swing My Way

Squincy Jones - Freaky Girl (Nintendub Edit) - (Chimpo: Lockoff / Gucci Mane ft. Ludacris: Freaky Girl

Squincy Jones - 3 Kings (Nintendub Edit) - (Walsh and Kromestar: Panik Room / Slim Thug ft. T.I. & Bun B: 3 Kings