Q&A w/ Wendy City

I caught up with Ms. Wendy City on aim while we were both @ work and it went a little something like this.

Wendy City: what up!
Squincy Jones: how you doinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
WC: im at work
WC: just ate lunch
SJ: so what kinda music do you usually play?
WC: i play all types
WC: i try to play all types in one set
SJ: ahh, the all type type
WC: give some range
SJ: cool
SJ: so you from la or ?
WC: la/oc
SJ: howd you come up with wendy city?
WC: well... first it was the guy from ONYX. everytime he saw me he was like "wendy city!"
SJ: so you got your name from the dude in onyx...how rad is that
SJ: you have any mixes floating around on the innernets?
WC: i have one mix but its old, live mix
SJ: Groovy
SJ: Any favorite tracks of the moment?
WC: favorite... im still feeling that midnight juggernaut old shadow track
SJ: (Googles it)
(Won't let me embed for some odd ass reason)
WC: but...90s is my heart, some expose swv
SJ: mos def
SJ: how long you been djing
WC: hmm...not too long. 2 yrs
WC: i learned way quick
WC: plus all my friends are djs
WC: i use to mess with my old roomies turntables back in the day
WC: when vinyl was still around
WC: this was in 98
WC: i would try to scratch and all
SJ: Any last shouts or anythang?
WC: to my top 8 as always... holler!
Visit Wendy on the web @ http://www.myspace.com/choniezzz