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Man so when I was working on Nintendub I was copping mad tracks for it off Boomkat and Beatport and I came across some sick ass spacey sounding dub track called 'Riddim Grid' by this dude Disrupt from Germany and his label Jahtari.


On the Jahtari site they release Net 7 inches complete with sticker art and record hiss. Super dope and creative. All of the 7" jam like no other. If chill, spacey, dubby, reggaey, (ha reggaey) tunes are your thingie look no further.

This is his latest Net 7" Samurai Showdown / Last Blade

From his own words, "All giving a nod to the great, undying myths and aesthetics of Samurai fiction, movies - and awesome arcade games! - like Musashi, Okami and Zatoichi. Lady Snowblood or Hanzo The Razor. Samurai Showdown (I-IV) and Last Blade II."

MAYNE! I was geeking when I heard these and wish I had them for Nintendub. Disrupt's music makes me want to get cracking on Nintendub II.

More on Samurai Showdown & Last Blade

And more of Disrupt's jams on http://www.jahtari.org/

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Another cat i'm feeling right now is this dude Hudson Mohawke

Dayta tossed me this Tweet - Oops! Oh My Remix by Hud Mo. I can't stop rocking back & forth to it. When that CLAP! hits WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

More on Hudson and his label here.


Nico said…
Great minds think alike... Im all over this too.

http://bitesblog.blogspot.com :-)

Heard your Nintendubs mix on The Mudd Up. It's Big Big Big!! I'd love to drop a remix of your on my podcast.

Take care,