Random San Fran flicks

Heres my feet somewhere near Chinatown.

This is a sample photo outside some glamour shot type place.  I like how my phone's camera makes heads look mad big.

This is that bridge San Francisco is known for.  It didn't look real in person.  I didn't get to cross it so, it probably isn't real.

View of San Fran from Alcatraz.  Being locked up in Alcatraz must've been awesome.

Amoeba Records.  F that place.  I don't even know where to begin.

Tina tried to eat some cupcakes while waiting for the train.  I told her no because this sign meant business.

Someone scraped the S off.

These were on the bus that goes from the airport to the train station.

Gas was no joke.  Glad we didn't rent a car.

Jones...  Jones.

The most impressive, heart-felt graffiti I saw there.

This dude was wailing on this 10 piece drumset he got from his Mom for Christmas.  He was humming some Sergio Mendes song when I snapped this.