I went to NYC a couple weeks ago mainly to hang out with homies that live there and explore the city.  I djed twice on Saturday,

once here,

Then earlier in the day at Triple 5 Soul with my homie Brent who I crashed with while I was there. (YOU'RE MY BOY BRENTON!)

I didn't get any flicks from the Arlo & Esme party, but it was off the chain link, trust. Morsy took a bunch of flicks but I don't think he quite uploaded them yet.

Heres some flicks from me around the city.

Trent and I at the 'dumpling spot.'  I ate there about 2903490743 times in 5 days.

'Nekst' really dope spot in Chinatown.

Rad van by Turntable Lab.

Trent doing spin kicks.

Me yelling at Trent to be careful.

Fat Beats aka 'Hi this is a sauna and we just happen to sell records.'

Artichoke Pizza, waited about 40 minutes for really awesome pizza.

Awesome sketch Brent did of me on the subway.  I was playing Bomber Blitz the whole time on my sk.  (You'll never beat my high score!!!!)

This is probably my favorite picture of the whole trip.  This is Lily's footprint next to Morsy's bed.  She took a nap and managed to kick the wall with her dirty ass foot.

Shout out to Lily. [cups hands, whistles]