Skatepark Grand Opening


Man it was so much fun. I played Hip Hop, Breaks, decent blog house, Rock, only thing I really lacked was punk rock type ish that skaters used to jam in the 80s. =/ I felt kinda bad about that.

Sosososososososososo much fun.

Peep the phone camera pictures

Doors open

View from behind me

People pouring in

Nice View

Photo: Ruben

* * * *


So I was selling mixtapes a the Skatepark and about 30 minutes after Trent and I bail, I get a phone call.

Caller: Hey..Hi is this Squincy...Squincy Jones?

Me: Yeah hi.

C: Hey, hey man how ya doin, I was just at your show at the skatepark...my names (something something I can't remember) and uhh I bought you mixtape.

M: Ah cool man.

C: Yeah well, I really liked what you were playing at the skatepark and when I bought the mixtape, I thought it was gonna be the stuff you were playing.

M: ok...

C: Yeah the stuff on this mixtape is garbage, its just a bunch of HOOTS AND
, can I get my five dollars back?

M: Yes, yes you can get your five dollars back.

C: Oh ok cool, where you playing again next?

M: The backroom.

C: Oh ok, well, i'll see you there!


* * * *

Man I couldn't stop laughing after that. I was half pissed off and half amazed because I had a feeling something like that was gonna happen because I didn't play any dub at all and was selling Nintendub cds.

So let me clarify.


is not for

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