Dream I had Wednesday night

I've had some really rad dreams in the last year but I always forget about them so since this one is fresh in my head I thought I would share.

I was at a party with a bunch of friends and some old school 80's electro was playing, like Afrika Bambaataa/Kraftwerk type shit with a vocoder voice.   It was a song i've never heard before, I guess I produced it in my head. (I'm totally gonna try to make this song now.) But yeah all my friends were there and at one point, in a vocoder voice, the song goes, "Now dannnceeeee."  Then some sort of break, then goes, "Now dance without dancinggggggg."  As the song says that i'm cracking up and I look over at Trent lip syncing


and hes strobing/twitching to it.

Similar to this dude.

And for good measure.

Man I lost it.  I was laughing mega hard in my dream, and I guess I woke up from the rediculousness and was still laughing/smiling and moved around in bed and Tina saw me smiling and said, "Why the hell are you smiling creep?" 

I guess she thought I was fantasizing about something.  Then I just passed out again.



daecosomoxi said…
Buwhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah JEAH! That sounds like one of my dreams mang! Totally rad!