Man i'm a dee-head.

 I forgot to post the flyer up for the Gritsy Party.  Anyway here it is and there it goes.

Distance, (Big Dubstep producer from the UK) headlined the mainroom. I kept hopping back and forth room to room because Dayta and I were holding down the second room from 12:30 to close.

I MISSED HIM PLAYING his track "Touch It" (Sampling Busta Rhymes - Touch It) So mad.  Oh well....He played some other sick bass hefty joints.

Heres Touch It being dropped @ Why Not? Ministry of Sound, London 

Some flicks from the night from my BFFL.

Ladiezzzz.  NOTE: the one on the right's hair got blown sideways permanently from the intensity of Gritsy's soundsystem.

Pedro: thowed in the game.

SPKRBXX Room getting down!

Notice the skin/rug table.  Best setup EVAR!

They're sisters PERV.  

Singing.  To every song.  Like a nerd.  Throughout my whole set.  Yes.

Hands up, thumbs down, represent that pit stain town.

SPKRBXX Room still going hard.


Main room getting buck.

More flicks over @