Hey brosephs and boosephs,

I'm still in the H and currently blogging from my Mom's crib.

I've been without power at my house since Friday night (1:30am)

Its been pretty wild but cool(?) at the same time because I haven't been through an experience like this and its exciting!

So to make a long story short...

Saturday woke up without power, lollygagged and bullshitted around my hood, ate at some restaurant that was open, went to my girls aunties house who had power and spent the night.

Sunday, woke up, ate some B O M B homemade phở, went home, played scrabble (whooped Tina's ASS) went biking around the city checking out the damage, and now here I am, at my Ma's crib.


This is where my adventure began, this is my back(gravelpit)yard.  My neighbor is a lucky idiot, the tree fell on some wires which I think are power lines WHICH I THINK why my power is out.

Ahh, the buttho tree.  

Other angle of the buttho tree, here it is before Mr. Ike.

The park across the street from The Menil.

What the underneath of a tree looks like.

Same tree.  Pre Ike.

Aftermath.  Before Ike.

Aftermath.  Before Ike.


Couple shots of 59.


Kimora, Kelis and I.

This is a parking garage under some apartments by my crib.  We passed by this on our bikes and it looked like some weird ass hologram.

I'm emailing myself more flicks from my phone right now.   "Google is experiencing technical difficulties."  So its taking a minute.  Thanks to everybody who checked on my life, I love you all.