Couple new thangs

Dj Rupture listing me as one of his faves from 08 on Pitchfork

6. Squincy Jones: Nintendub
Last summer Neil Landstrum and I were playing at this insane rural festival in Ireland where our tent's manager-person had lost the power of speech and was last seen wandering away with a vodka bottle and a distant look. Anyhow Neil said something like, "Dubstep? I call it snoozestep!" The further you go from London the less respect yoou have for "dubstep." The best is when we slap American rap on top, preferably singsong chants or shouting from the dirty South. Crunkstep! Says Squincy of his free mix: "I'm very proud of it. It combines three of the raddest things to ever happen to music: Dubstep, 8bit Nintendo Loops, Rap."

Houston Press review on Block 21 with some nice comments on me at the end.

Last Call
The night that we hit up Block 21, we lucked into a backroom performance by former Houston Press Best DJ award winner Squincy Jones, who club owner Ziggy Morrow says spins about once every three weeks at the new Washington Avenue venue. We can't campaign for this guy enough. He hits on all levels; if you've never had the opportunity to see him apply his awkwardly all- encompassing wares, you're really missing out. Catch him in person as part of the Speakerboxxx DJ showcase Thursdays at The Backroom at the Mink (3718 Main). Then, when you get home, download his sick Nintendub Edits (specifically "Pop Trunk," featuring Wine-O), listed by Fact magazine as one of 2008's 20 best mixes, via his Web site, He's a badass boy. Some, like Wine-O himself, might even say his nose is runny.