Midwest continueddddd

SOooooOooOOoOoo, (read this as me talking fast as shit)
Friday, March 6th: 
Hop on a plane @ 7:00am, Action Jackson scoops me from the Indianapolis Airport around 10-11am (1 hr ahead there) we go to his crib and watch the most amazing movie of all time.  
Take a quick nap, go to a place called BIG RED LIQUOR
to cop a bottle of champagne for the soft opening of a new spot in downtown Bloomington called Dope Couture
Scoop Action's intern Sundown (yes thats her name) who is also probably the prettiest girl I saw on my trip, go to Dope and pop a bottle, chill there for awhile then go and eat some thai food at Siam House.
After that went back to Action's crib for another nap then headed to Kentucky for the Gig @ Fuzion.
Crowd @ Fuzion
Action's gloves.  Dude means business.
Awesome hat someone was rocking.
On the way back to Indianapolis.
Seymore, Jonesville.  I thought that was rad.
Shout to Ben and Figure for putting me on.  Summer and Mel for driving us to Kentucky. John squared? For letting us stay at his pad...and your crazy ass animals for keeping me awake.
More flicks on hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee