Nap Town

2nd day of my trip, more pics here and here

Downtown Indianapolis.

Played a sick ass set of Juke // G-Tech // Booty House 
Don't hear much of that around Houston.

Choke...bout the only person I saw up around Indy.

Folks getting down.

The setup @ Therapy.  Dope setup...BUT.  BUTTTTTT....
I had a couple issues.

1.  Fader kept popping off when I would cut.
2.  Couldn't turn the tables "battle style"
3.  Laptop was kinda far.

And with those lame excuses I know present to you.

Shout out to Geek (Jason) for bringing me out.  Sea Monkey for Recording.  Shiva, Steady B, Brandon, and all the nice folks I met along the way.


Cool Hand Lex said…
Sorry I missed ya in the Nappy city. Glad you enjoyed Steady's set, guy is seriously dope. And that Choke dude is a sucker... all the heads in Indy catch trains.

I'll be sure to come out next time you roll through.