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Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.

Saw this yesterday via Pop Pop and realized holy shit, I have to watch the original again.

O.G. Tron came out in 1982 before I was born and I don't even remember when I saw it for the first time, but the film is beyond groundbreaking.

I re-watched it last night (stayed up til about 7 watching the extras on the second disc) and I never realized how ahead of its time it is.

Quote from wikipedia

Most of the scenes, backgrounds and visual effects in the film were created using more traditional techniques and a unique process known as "backlit animation" In this process, live-action scenes inside the computer world were filmed in black and white on an entirely black set, printed on large-format high-contrast film, then colorized with photographic and rotoscopic techniques to give them a "technological" feel. With multiple layers of high-contrast, large-format positives and negatives, this process required truckloads of sheet film and a workload even greater than that of a conventional cel-animated feature. In addition, the varying quality and age of the film layers caused differing brightness levels for the backlit effects from frame to frame, explaining why glowing outlines and circuit traces tended to flicker in the original film. Due to its difficulty and cost, this process would never be repeated for another feature film.


Kinda sucks that they're not filming it like they did in the original with the backlit effects, which I understand would be ridiculous to do now since we have 894733987 times better technology than we did then. =/

(Backlit Example)


But still, that technique was super sick and would be rad as hell to see again.

I really suggest buying the original movie with the bonus dvd. It has 5 hours worth of bonus material and gets mad in depth on how the movie was made.

Tron Legacy directed by Joseph Kosinski hits theaters in 2010. The original Tron director (Steven Lisberger) is producing.