Hey look a rave

Last week I opened up for Drop the Lime and played a gnar gnar DARSHSTEP set. I was nervous as shit the whole week pretty much because I was supposed to play 2 gigs that night, DTL & Gritsy, but ended up not playing Gritsy due to time constraints. =/ Heres a couple flicks from the portyyyyy. (Flicks by Mad Bass & Steven Sartini)


Gracie and hubdog Chris played before me. (Thats not Chris in the beads.) Chris had to deal with sound/turntable issues (UGGHHHHH.) So I gave him a nice manly hug after his set.

Heres JJ and DTL. JJ makes rad faces. DTL makes rad hair.

Heres a DTL action rave shot. His rave face is on point. Well executed.

BUT FAILS IN COMPARISON TO MY RAVE SHOT! (Notice the PLUR & lighting effects.) My rave shot game is uncanny.

This rave couple pissed me off. They cut me in line to the bathroom and were all like (robot voice) "OMfGz, wii n33d 2 GiT 2 da bAffRüM nAO! wii Я rAv3rZ N need uv wAteRz! wii dUn'T dRInK eR dEw drUGz!"

What because you're the sober raver power couple you get to cut in line? Just for that, i'm going as you for halloween. Chinese finger trap hair and all.

What would be really awesome is if they dressed like that on purpose to make people think they're serious when they're really not.

Just kidding. I effing love ravers.