Very good. But brick not hit back!

Raise It Up was hella fun last night. We had my sister from another mister Witnes in town from I don't even know where the hell he stays now.

Mad folks came out and showed baby girl some love.

We started off the night pretty chill, 90s Hip Hop and stuff...couple Gangstarr joints....Wit and Dayta played some New Jackson Swing, Roy played some Filipino Nelly Remixes, gangster shit as usual.

Heres some photos via DUSTYCRATES.COM

The back of Dayta's head drives me wild. (Notice my pannies in a bunch)

Mathmatech was in the building. (Ceeplus & Comp One)

Crowd boogie.

Josh looking scary.

Best fwends.

Paranormal Activity.

Waaaaaaaaveeeeeee wooooooooooooo!

Gracie & Wit glamour shot

Elroy chat rouletting

Streetwear Messiah Joseph

I ended the night with this

Which was completely appropriate since I was wearing my Bloodsport shirt. I've never been happier in my life.

That followed by Scatman, Pon De Foley, then something else dumb. Whatever it takes to make folks close their tabs.