Radio Killers

So if you live in Houston and like rap music/hip hop whatever. You've heard of the Krackernuttz. If you haven't..... Not only do you suck, but they are the djs on 97.9 The Box that don't play the regular Drake/Beyonce/NEWWWWWWW YORRRKKK (I <3 you Alicia) pop music that you hear on the radio day in and day out. If you heard something "outside the box" 9 times out of 10 it was The Almighty Krackernuttz. Ok enough about how awesome they are, as of 04/22/2010, the Krackernuttz no longer work for 97.9 The Box. =(


For playing 1 verse by Mr. ABN himself.

Trae the Truth.

Taking the Krackernuttz off 97.9 is like terminating John Connor....robots win.

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The realest American ever, Matt Sonzala speaks on the issue in great detail.