You shut your mouth when you talk to Baby Jae

Don't let the bald intense baby look fool you ladies and gentlemen. This right here is one of the illest djs in Houston, and a huge inspiration to my playing musics on jamtables. WHEN, and I say that with great sorrow, Baby Jae used to be on the radio, he was the only dude mixing multiple genres and stuff you would not normally hear on commercial radio! He is one of the first dudes playing Baltimore Club on the radio in Houston! Hell, he even played my Nintendub 3 Kings Edit!!!

Kind of a big deal, to me at least. I think for a city thats known for slomo rap. No?

Bottom line: I'm still pretty damn bitter that the Krackernuttz aren't on the radio anymore.

The line thats under the bottom line in bold thats technically the real bottom line:


Radio's loss.