Fat Tony - You Ain't Fat

“Nigga U Ain’t Fat” off RABDARGAB (produce entirely by Tom Cruz) directed by the homie Joey Graham (@grahamjoey) starring my motherfuckin nigga / DJ iPod Ammo (@ipodammo) as a super nervous ass compulsive ass eater prone to hallucinations and licking people.
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Directed by Joseph Graham (@grahamjoey)
Produced by Anne Adams (@patheticgirl45)
Cinematography by Victor Mendoza (@viiiicccc)
Starring iPod Ammo, Katie Menowsky, Michael Comeaux, Trevor Kent, and Breann Worthy
Special Thanks to Foodarama - Ella, Hasta la Pasta - Katy, Men’s Resale by the Village, Pine Forest Country Club, and Leon’s Lounge
Extra Special Thanks to Cory Sinclair, Rodney Douglas, Justin Petty (@justnpetty), and Megan O’Sullivan

FOODARAMA!!!!!!  Used to skate outside there as a yout.

This.  Video.  Is.  Awesome.