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Doin It Real BIGAbout two years ago, or thereabouts as the story goes, DIRB! descended on Washington Ave.
Nowhere near as epic as the history behind Washington on the Brazos, the DIRB! crew of Texas DJsGracie ChavezSquincy JonesAntonioDayta and Jep to name a few–came to take over at least part of the now popular bar and nightlife strip in Houston. And while we almost retreated and then lost a few good DJs along the way, we managed to keep DIRB! (Doin It Real Big! for those not indoctrinated) each and ever Saturday night at The Lot on Washington since.
Sabado Gigante
And although we ain’t quite two yet, this Saturday night, March 5th,  we’re doing itextra LARGE for our DIRBversary! at The Lot (4212 Washington, 77007) with yours truly, Gracie Chavez, Squincy Jones and Dayta. We even recruited our dude Shaun from Caught in Customs to press up some fresh DIRB! shirts to giveaway for this special soiree. So get there early to cop you one! There’s never a cover, and it’s always 21 and up.
We want to give thanks to the staff at The Lot for taking a chance a bunch of DJs with wild styles, out-of-the norm tastes (mostly for drinks) and a need to showoff our moves (lookin right at you, Dayta)!  Thanks goes especially to Sunshine, Jeff, Cam, Jay Dub, Kat, Eric, Big T, Edgar, plus all the lovely bartenders that quench our thirsts and the security dudes that protect us from bad requests after 1am.
And thanks to the aforementioned DJs (past and present) that gave this pseudo ice house a spin to help it achieve it’s lofty regular club-going aspirations, including DJ Mel,WitnesGood GriefDJ RaizeEmpanadamn (XXL thanks for the flyers, dude), El Roy Boogie, OG Bobby Trill, G.Wizz, Cashless, Nonsense, Leo, Sizzle, cameos by Karina Nista and Wine-O, and last but not least, the infamous Go Go Garcia.
The DIRB! fam raises a Lone Star can up to you, our Texas-friendly friends! Let’s DIRB! this Saturday awwready!
FB RSVP at our DIRBversary! event page.