Free Press Summer Fest Camera Phone Recap for all you dumbies.

Yeah boy.

Saturday.  2 PM.  Squincy Jones y Lady Friend arrive.

Lady Friend's phone takes pretty pics too.

Crazy paint slide.  The caucasian in me was dying to run/fall down this.



Shitty artsy gratuitous pretty day shot.

Cut Copy.  Complete w/ Johnny Moon look a like lead singer.

Big Boi.  Killed it.

Swisha puppy.

Bike party.

Wore a tank thong that day.  Got pretty krispy.  =(

Teddy slamming Pinks.

My amazing view of Chromeo.

Complete with this couple making out to such hits as "Needy Girl" "Bonified Lovin" and "Tenderoni."

12th Tyler Planet Rock the Creator.  (REMIX!)

Crowd was heavyyyyy.

Lil Keke.


Zro coming in.

Missed Weezer, but this dude prollly didn't.

This year was awesome, if not awesomer than last year.  Can't wait for next year.  I wish I could've helped clean up but I actually died when I got home and had work the next day.



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