What is a Hold Tight?
Besides being UK shout out slang, here is how the party formed.
Story time: My wife puts together THE best Spotty playlists. One
day she's putting together a workout playlist and stumbled on 
some banging Dutch Hip Hop. My initial thought was what if
(Side note: my actual first thought was, "DAMN WIFE, WHERE'D YOU FIND THIS?!")
we did party with ALL INTERNATIONAL M U S I C...no domestic.
But that's kind of a bad idea because you gotta give people at lease some of the
current hits. So after giving the format some thought, bae gave the thumbs up.
I started scouring blogs from all over, doing research, reading up on artists,
(google translating blogs) and putting together a playlist of  t u n e s
found along the way. ENABLE  V I B E S  BELOW.