How we do (04/06/07)

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Wits Bday Jump!

Quite possibly one of the gayest flyers i've ever seen...but thats my boy, I won't judge him.


R. Kelly has cloned himself so he can appear on every hot song's remix.

Here are some remixes of the remixes.

R. Kelly - I'm a Flirt (Club Remix) by Krames

R. Kelly - Make it Rain (Club Remix) by Cousin Cole

R. Kelly - This is why i'm Hot Remix Courtesy of Dj Benzi

This weeks haps...

Happy Bday Me.


IT Fridays in the Blue Room @ Rich's


Saturday @ The Pro w/ Dayta, Gracie Chavez & Mai for Wit's Bday Jumpp!!!

Another Busy week, BRRRRRRAPPPPP!