My friends do it grande

Bird Peterson (aka Andrew Hoke) put down this mix for a popular swedish music blog. Over 1000 dl right now atttt 11:19 am. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Alpha Doggie

Alpha Dog - Pretty good movie, a little sad, but good nonetheless. I still don't know why its called Alpha Dog though.

Heres a few articles from what the film was based off of here, here, and here.


Justin Timberlake - My Love (Ruf's Dubstep Remix)

Since we're somewhat on the topic of Justin Timberface.


Yesterday, Dj Drama, aka Mr. GANGSTAHHH GRIZZILLS!!! Along with Dj Cannon (Don Cannon) got their studio raided by the Fulton County Swat Team in ATL, Georgia. Mixtapes, production equipment, computers and CARS were seized.

Video here

Mannnnnnnnnn, mixtapes are one of the only things keeping music fresh and alive today. Yeah these dudes yell all over shit, but they release some of the illest exclusive shit on the market today, and NOT BOOTLEGGED!!!!!

Most of the ish they put out is given to them exclusively by the artists themselves, usually unreleased stuff that got cut from the artist's album.

RIAA care about that? Probably not.

Shaney Baby (Insert lighter flick, then siren)


I rolled to Austin (or Asstown as Carla would call it) with Wit and Jill aka Mouf of da Souf this past weekend. We met up with Klassen, resident Austinite, Turtle, (Southern Intellect) and Dayta fresh from NYC with his tired ass. Klassen, Wit, and Dayta have a monthly called PRPL DRNK - first Saturday of the Month @Whiskey Bar. Flicks and ish here.

Dude ish

I could fight crime in this thing.