Altered Beast Reup

Track Joey Honey and I collaborated on in 2008.

Houston - 11/21
Local support from 
Gracie Chavez & Squincy Jones
! ! ! ! ! ! !
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The SAATH is in the HAAS.
Thx Dust


Poor Goomba.

Ordered doubles, coming soon to a Houston soundsystem near you.

Roy and I told him he needs to put out new music.

"RIP Pimp C, man he so trill."


Some reasons why you should be at the Gritsy Six Year

 Mala has rocked Gritsy numerous times but has never been here with his right hand man Coki.  Kindddd of a big deal.

2. This is the sound system.

* * * * * * * * * * *

This Weds, going downnnnnnnnnnnn.