Please keep your thoughts in your brain

And off social networking sites. loves the kids

Coolest kid ever.

Galveston Stickers

Not a stickie, but kinda coo.

Police Stealing your Cell Phone Data

This is not cool at all.

"This is the Cellebrite Cell Phone Extraction Device (UFED) and it can be used by police to extract your cell phone data during a routine traffic stop. The UFED comes in a rugged, road-ready case with all the connectors needed to grab info from almost every type of cell phone and portable GPS unit."
Legally, during traffic stops, officers need a warrant to search your cell phone; however, if you give them your phone voluntarily, they can use these tools to search it. Next time an officer asks you to give up your phone, ask to see a warrant first.

Taken from Translogic.


Most falls are kinda laughable like a dude hitting his nuts awkwardly or someone falls and says the s word in a high pitched squeal.

This is the opposite of that.  This guy's body contorts in a way you never want to see a body contort.

Not even in Cirque Du Soleil.

Untitled from Dan Cauchi on Vimeo.

Face Mob

Faces from arturo castro on Vimeo.

Bugged out to say the least.


If the new Ryan Gosling movie is anything like this i'm there.


I got goosebumps when I watched this.

Dave 1 on Mehdi

Earth Timelapse



Dayta and I at the Pro a couple hundred years back.

Welcome to throwback city.

Floyd Mayweather post fight Interview

Saw a bunch of retarded memes and was wondering what the hell the hubbub was.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

This Is Anger out today

From Nappy:

So this track started out a year ago as a concept with Definate and I. He had a 4 bar concept, and I was so inspired that I wrote a complete song to an unmastered clip. We looped it up. I recorded vocals in 20 minutes. Definate cleaned his end up, sequenced it, and we shot it to a bunch of producers we liked to see what would happen.

Each version is completely different. Half of the submissions we got were tossed away, and I hope you enjoy the remixes Spooky, Teeza, Linton Brown, Sheer Dropz, Tim Reaper and The Two. Fifteens offered up.
I've given out several hundred edits for free, and more projects will come. But I'm kinda curious who will support this one.



Chewie Chillin

Putting my little booger on blast.

Skream hates Dubstep

Just kidding.  Good article though.

Sundance Cinemas moving into Bayou Place

RIP Dj Mehdi

Well this sucks.  Really dug his musics.

I can't remember if I saw him play either in Austin or for this Ed Banger party in NY awhile back..

Either way Mehdi was a talented dude.  Sad to hear this

Mehdi mix for Tsugi Magazine. (Megaupload)

Mehdi's Blog  | Mehdi Discography

RAISE IT UP! 09/15/2011

1st & 3rd Thursdays @ Boondocks | 1417 Westheimer
Hosted by djs Squincy Jones & Dayta
No Dresscode
21+ | No Cover
18+ | $5

Gritsy Labor Day flicks


I would've completed this in like 2 hours.  Commentator is so hype.