Squincy Jones - Knowmsayin (Freshmore Podcast)

Proudly present this mix I put together for Freshmore.  I named it KNOWMSAYIN in dedication to Dj Screw.  Its a bit all over the place, I wanted to drag stuff that you don't normally hear in these type of mixes.  ENJOY!


Houston Noise Ordinance

This went into effect in October....didn't really hear anything of it until now.

Chris is a good friend of mine, can't believe he got hit with that.

Full story here - Fox Houston
Meeting about the ordinace 12/20/2011 @ Fitzgeralds 7:00pm
FB Invite here


Awwready Vegas

Went to Vegas for the weekend with my booseph.

She ran a Zappos Marathon and kicked its ass, in the face.

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