Back To The Future video recap

Recap of the BTTF Party Part 1 of 2

Recap of the BTTF Party Part 2 of 2

And thats how it went down.

Thanks to Fly Guy Productions for hooking up such a fly edit.

What December will be looking like

2 New Blends

Some joints I put together on the dancehall tippy.

Pimp C - Pourin Up (Dancehall Blend)


KP & Envi - Shorty Swing My Way (Dancehall Blend)

Dude....I scoured the intertron for like 30 minutes looking for a damn picture of KP & luck.

I did, however, find the video who's comments include,

"SHE Aint White...She Can't u tell!!!!"
-999mimi (5 days ago)

"that's Pink"
-Quartermaine11 (2 days ago)

"ain't no damn pink"
-deletenowwhat (2 days ago)

-uniquebitchdnthate (1 day ago)

R.I.P. Chad Butler

I'm not listening to anything else for the rest of the day

UGK - One Day feat. Mr. 3-2, Ronald Isley

R.I.P. dude.

This is so unexpected. I just don't know what to say, i'm on the verge of tears...probably because One Day is on repeat. So many good times had been had on account of Pimp C and his music.

More on Pimp C here.

Pimp C interview. Shows what an amazing character he was. Quotes for days.