Peep my personal recap here

I also forgot to mention I requested Ramaanananamdmamnaman to play 'Work Them' (like a butthead) because I hadn't heard anybody play it that night.

He did not oblige.


Don Kenn / John Kenn

Been seeing this dudes pop up on the nets a lot lately.  He does these on Post-its!

So sick!  Peep his bloggy.

Scratch For Something recap

Skratch for Something- KrackerNuttz Session 5/24/2011 from Robie Pentecostes on Vimeo.

Krackernuttz and Mixxwell had a Scratch Session to raise money for The American Red Cross to donate to Japan.

Thanks Krackernuttz & Mixxwell for putting it together!

Thanks Mosa for the edit!

Full stream here.


Elroy Boogie Threestyle Mix

Roy's 15 minute set from the night starring Mike Barajas.  Snagged him 3rd place.

My dougie.

Three Style Battle by elroyboogie

Houston Press Photos from the night here.


Starkey in Houston

Thank you Lily!

Screwed Tuesday 05/17/2011

Sorry no tune this Tuesday, in the process of moving and its not going as smoothly as planned.  Plz keep sending me requests! 


Doshy - Suspiria EP

EP drops in the end of May.

Doshy used Gak and a Power Pad to produce this EP.  
Genius.  JAYKAY.

I could hear Gucci Mane rapping about Zelda over the lead track.  #BURR  But I hear that over everything.  The other joints sound like some rad crunk/square wave.  (Like if Lex Luger and Abobo joined forces.)  Solid ass release.



Free Press Summer Fest Schedule

Click the pic for the full size silly.

Screwed Tuesdays 05/10/2011

Could not stop smiling while chopping this up.  His voice was one of the most unique in Hip Hop. 

Slowed down sounds 43897438934 times more amazing.

Man, Dirt was the best.  If his singing at the end doesn't make you think so, you must have Cher in your ipod.

RIP Russell Jones


Canblaster Fools Gold Podcast

Canblaster is one of my favorite producers right now so I had to repost this from the Fools Gold bloggy.  Pretty chill for the most part.

Who is Club Cheval? “Nous sommes un collectif, un label, un laboratoire, une écurie. Nous sommes situés entre Lille, Paris et Londres.” This stable of bass wizards has been responsible for some of the funnest, oddest club tracks of the past year or so. The youngest of the crew is Canblaster, who burst on the scene like a synth-wielding Harry Potter with facemelting singles like “Jetpack,” “Clockworks,” and a gleefully warped collection of remixes, like his take on our Style Of Eye and Slagsmålsklubben single “Homeless.”

Combine that discography with his enthusiastic, thoroughly unpredictable approach to DJing, and it’s no wonder that Canblaster has quickly become an extended fam favorite over here at FG. But don’t take our word for it – go float with his brand new Foolcast mix, “Skyscrapers Are The Mountains Of The City,” a hypnotic collection of digital jams new and old.

Subscribe to the Foolcast via iTunes or your favorite RSS reader at the main Foolcast page, where you can also download the download the mix directly (right click and save-as). Check the tracklist after the jump.

Underworld – Mmm… Skyscraper I Love You
Funkystepz – Shocker
Christian Martin – Ghosts
M-FLO – Beautiful Days (Taku’s Garage Mix)

Les Gilettes – Carl Lewis (Myd Remix)
Marble Players – Marble Anthem
Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben – Homeless (Canblaster Remix)
Lil Silva – Patience
Canblaster – Lapcom (Edit)
Para One & Teki Latex – Deep Sea Creatures
Real Fur – Animal (Panteros666 Remix)
Amphibious – What Happened
In Flagranti – Three-Piece Suit
French Fries – Charlotte (Canblaster Remix)
Todd Edwards – You Are My All
Nguzunguzu – Got U (Berou & Canblaster Remix)
Funkin Matt & Teki Latex – Get Loose (Canblaster Remix)
Toni Lionni – This Feeling
M-FLO – Planet Shining
Dopplereffekt – Elevator Up & Down
Erra – Getting Arp
DJ K.Millz – Girl U Got That (Wet Wet)
Ken Ishii – Organized Green (Fabrice Lig’s Live Version)
Mr Tweeks – Elevator (Lucid Remix)
Luckybeard – Gino
DJ Javier Estrada – Crazy Indian
Mr Tweeks – Money (Rizzla Remix)

DJ Armirax & DJ Zondey – Scream Hallowen (Original Bimix)
AraabMuzik – Oh Baby
Krywolf – Wonga (Sam Tiba Dub)
Canblaster & Mumdance – What A Mess (Epic Mix)
Jody Breeze – The Way I Move

The Wall Documentary

The Wall Promo from Ricardo Martinez on Vimeo.

via Jersey Joe

Wow.  Its insane how much the US has spent on "The Wall."


Screwed Tuesdays 05/03/2011

El Sonidito (Squincy Jones Screwed Edit) by SquincyJones

Gearing up for Cinco De Mayo I decided to Screw this Hechizero's joint, as seen/heard on Des Control on Telemundo.   #GRITO




Super amped for my dude Bird!  He's been making music since he was like 2.

Free Revok

This Roid piece is gnar gnar.


Live RWD.FM (05/01/2011)

Squincy Jones - Live RWDFM (05/01/2011) (Mediafire)


R Kelly featuring Huey - Hook It Up (Guapo Hussein Remix Instrumental)
Daedalus - Something Bells
Normaa - Tio Feo Rockaway
King Most - Sitche Ations
Gucci Mane - My Chain (Jonwayne's Basement Mix)
Enfoe - Boozin Bobby
Jammer - Better Than (Lorn Remix)
Zdot - Fire Bars [Instrumental]
Wiley - Roaming (Prod. By Zdot)
Jayglo & Wil Blaze - Glo Worm
Fat Pat - So Real (Screwed Version) (feat. Mike D & Lil' Keke)
Hawk feat. Scooby, Paul Wall and Slim Thug - Let's Get It On(Instrumental)
Hawk feat. Scooby, Paul Wall and Slim Thug - Let's Get It On (explicit)
D4L - What's Happening
Rich Boy Ft. Polow Da Don - Drop
Lorn - Void I
R1 Ryders - Rubberband - Funkitek Mix
Emalkay - Critical Hit
Megalodon - Big Bad Wolf
Caspa - Ohh R Ya
Silkie - Beauty
Utah Jazz - Take No More (N-Type Remix)
16 Bit - Jump
Digital Mystikz - Eyez
The Streets - Blinded By the Lights (Nero Remix)
Taz - Robogrime
KGB - Hands Up
Redlight - Source 16
Redlight - Stupid
DJ Dracke/Danny Producer - Heart Broken (Expendable Youth Remix)
8-Bit Ninjas - Push It
Freak Nasty - Da Dip
Crazy Elephant - Pam
Tempa T - Next Hype (Mosca Remix)
Burgaboy - Jamrock
T2 Feat Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken (Extended Mix)
Toddla T - Soundtape Killin ft. Serocee (Nastee Boi Remix)
Swifta Beater - Diamonds In My Damn [N.U.R]
Wittyboy - Attention
M.I.A. - Birdflu Guns Up Buraka (Diplo Remix)
Piddy Py - Prickly Rose
Dexplicit - Bullacake
DJ Q Feat MC Bonez - You Wot (Wideboys Bassline Remix)
Kid Cudi Vs. Crookers - Day 'N' Nite (Agent X Remix)
Wiley - IGLOO (Unknown Bassline Bootleg)
Piddy Py - Giggle Riddim
Dexplicit - Change Formation!! (Hench)
RUDE KID - Absolute Vodka (digital exclusive)
DJ Mex - Dubplate Mex
Burgaboy - Walked Outta Heaven
Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction (wideboys bassline mix)
Jammin - Kinda Funky (Original Mix)
E.J. - U.F.O
Cam'ron - Down And Out (Feat. Kanye West & Syleena Johnson)