Man this picture is rediculously amazing. Steve Aoki doin it uber jumbo mega grande.

Once again thank you The Cobra Snake

Rock Box November Lineup

Back To The Future


Its finna bout to go dahnn!!! Day after Thanksgiving (I got a gig Thanksgiving night but the flyer ain't out yet) BACK TO THE FUTURE PARTY!!! We got some surprises cooked up.



So Wit asked me to come play this Halloween party last minute AND IT WAS OFF THE CHANCLA!

I felt like a turd because I didn't have a costume. I bought/brought this sick ass Chewbacca mask but I couldn't see for ish in it and it was hot as hell. =/

Next Halloween i'm planning a few years in advance.

Heres Wit and I (I'm fat and focused as hell!)

I opened up for about an hour playing random disco cuts. That got kind of tiring so I played Danzig, Sabbath, Judas Priest and some other awesomeness/halloween related...which the mini-crowd didn't really appreciate. They just wanted to dance. (Do you have any hip hop, can you play Soulja Boy?) Then Wit killed it for a minute with some eighties that got the ladies goin.

Highlight: These boots were made for walking, thats just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Requests: Hatebreed, Dj Teebee, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Pantera, House music, Beastie Boys (but not off their first album, anything after that.)

Here are some flicks from the ordeal

Man I seriously haven't had this much fun in a long ass time.

More flicks @ One October Night

Dj Mehdi is the coolest

Mehdi - In Islamic eschatology the Mahdi (' , also Mehdi'; "Guided One") is the prophesied redeemer of Islam.

Chromeo - I Am Somebody (Mehdi Remix)

Mehdi in the blue jacket.

Photoshooter w/Ryan Ruiz

My Homie Ryan fell through with his Canon 40d and mad camera gear yesterday. We've been meaning to hook up for a minute but we're both busy ass business dudes with hectic schedules. Pause.

The "shoot" was at my new pad because i'm currently in the process of moving. I brought out my laptop to nerdout/loosen up because I feel kinda weird around cameras.

But whatever, it was mad fun despite how hard i'm mean-mugging the camera. Here they go.

More can be seen on Ryan's Flickr

You can also reach Mr. Ryan on his website

Dude hooked it up forreal. Holler at him if you need some quality photowork!!!

Thanks Ryan!!!

Rest in Peace Big Moe SUC

Rich Boy - Getting paper

So when I first heard 'Throw Some D's' I thought that Rich Boy was gonna be like every other 1 hit wonder thats been coming out recently. Jibbs, Mims, etc. But this video/track (Rich Boy - Get This Paper) made me think otherwise. This along with The Fixxers - So Good,

and the paper planes remix make me think Rich Boy is gonna have some longevity.


This Thursday @ The Pro.

Things I really dislike


You aren't BREAKING GROUND and/or next level...please, just don't do it.