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Helmets are the new fitteds


What the H?!

I got chosen by the Houston Press as Houston's Best Dj for 2008.

Houston Press wrote:

Way too few DJs manage to do anything original; many just seem to play the same records and never dare to venture outside the box. There's no room for mediocrity in a good DJ, and we're glad Squincy Jones figured this one out. As co-founder of the genre-splitting night Speakerboxx at The Backroom with his partner Dayta, he's pushed as many boundaries and/or genres as he can find into one DJ set. From guilty pleasure '80s to the latest in electro or local hip-hop, he's throwing it all in a pot and cooking a big kick-ass stew of "I don't give a fuck and I'm going to make you dance your ass off."


Thank you and much love to whomever thought I deserved this title.

I don't really know what else to say but here are a couple of my friends who do.


Gracie Chavez




W A R E H O U S E  P A R T Y.

One-off of the popular installment G R I T S Y until they get settled into their new home.  As told by the cute lego-like flyer.




Miami Bass / ATL Bass / Electro / House / B A S S !

18+ $5 / 21+ Free / No Dresscode / Drink Specials



The rest of my flicks for now.

Some park off the westpark tollway.

Da likkle yoots.

When I took this one of the kids yelled. "CHEESE!"

Shell station before Ike

Oh Give Up.  You devil you!

PB&J.  Dude.

I haven't had a pb&j sandwich in such a longggggggggggggggg time...and it was soooooo goodddddddddddddddddd.


N-E-W-A-Y-Z, the damage around my area isn't too severe compared to Galveston and other spots close to the coast.  Heres to a speedy recovery.

I get it from my Momma

Some flicks Momma Rector took of the damage around the Med-Center area.

Momma Rector cooling next to some trees.

Buffalo Bayou?  Braes Bayou?  I forget.

Moms photos go hard right?

I have no idea what this is

But it seems interesting as hell. Be sure and tell em' Large Hadron (Marge) Collider sent ya!!!

Hombre Mega IX


I'm digging the retroness of it all, but its not 1987.

Would've been cool if they put that eighties vision of the future design into the actual game. OR made it some sort of 8-bit/3d hybrid game....that even possible?

Bits of the soundtrack available here.

Advertisement created by Gerald de Jesus



Sulfur Hexafluoride. Like Helium, this voice manipulation never gets old.



Hey brosephs and boosephs,

I'm still in the H and currently blogging from my Mom's crib.

I've been without power at my house since Friday night (1:30am)

Its been pretty wild but cool(?) at the same time because I haven't been through an experience like this and its exciting!

So to make a long story short...

Saturday woke up without power, lollygagged and bullshitted around my hood, ate at some restaurant that was open, went to my girls aunties house who had power and spent the night.

Sunday, woke up, ate some B O M B homemade phở, went home, played scrabble (whooped Tina's ASS) went biking around the city checking out the damage, and now here I am, at my Ma's crib.


This is where my adventure began, this is my back(gravelpit)yard.  My neighbor is a lucky idiot, the tree fell on some wires which I think are power lines WHICH I THINK why my power is out.

Ahh, the buttho tree.  

Other angle of the buttho tree, here it is before Mr. Ike.

The park across the street from The Menil.

What the underneath of a tree looks like.

Same tree.  Pre Ike.

Aftermath.  Before Ike.

Aftermath.  Before Ike.


Couple shots of 59.


Kimora, Kelis and I.

This is a parking garage under some apartments by my crib.  We passed by this on our bikes and it looked like some weird ass hologram.

I'm emailing myself more flicks from my phone right now.   "Google is experiencing technical difficulties."  So its taking a minute.  Thanks to everybody who checked on my life, I love you all.


N+ is HEREEEEEEEE! (Nerdout)

I've pretty much been obsessed with this game for the last couple of weeks. I'm almost done with the game on DS

This video is some dude who made levels on the xbox live. Its pretty intense.

If you want some of the music off this video right click save as here.

They aren't that good. I just think its funny.


Just copped this bad jackson today. No more hoodoo, beat up, wobbly, busted ass, boo boo laptop stand we were twurkin' with before.

Complete review @ Skratchworx


The last recap didn't even have flicks of Dj Mel, therefore I couldv'e been making the whole thing up, but to prove i'm not here are more pictures from WTFSAMHO.

Dream I had Wednesday night

I've had some really rad dreams in the last year but I always forget about them so since this one is fresh in my head I thought I would share.

I was at a party with a bunch of friends and some old school 80's electro was playing, like Afrika Bambaataa/Kraftwerk type shit with a vocoder voice.   It was a song i've never heard before, I guess I produced it in my head. (I'm totally gonna try to make this song now.) But yeah all my friends were there and at one point, in a vocoder voice, the song goes, "Now dannnceeeee."  Then some sort of break, then goes, "Now dance without dancinggggggg."  As the song says that i'm cracking up and I look over at Trent lip syncing


and hes strobing/twitching to it.

Similar to this dude.

And for good measure.

Man I lost it.  I was laughing mega hard in my dream, and I guess I woke up from the rediculousness and was still laughing/smiling and moved around in bed and Tina saw me smiling and said, "Why the hell are you smiling creep?" 

I guess she thought I was fantasizing about something.  Then I just passed out again.




Jukebot went offfff!

This was the 2nd or 3rd time i've rocked at The Flat.  So far the most fun i've had there.

Beer bong for the ladiessss?

Again with that nerdy ass face.


At some point in the night this (white) girl comes up to the boof and says its her or her sisters birthday and she wants us to play a song off this cd.  Not only did I not want to play her cd because of the hassle, BUT!  THE CD SAID MICHAEL FUCKING BOLTON on it.

While yes, I find it kind of humorous that she wanted to hear a corny Michael Bolton song, and I would've loved to dork out while playing it (By myself with noone watching.)  I don't think I would've like to sacrifice the rest of the crowds vibe so her and friends can go, "HUH HUH HE PLAYED IT."

Anyway I had such a kickass time.  Gracie and I played House, Disco, Electro, and ended the night with Dancehall.  AIGHT THENNNN!?


Wow. Our best night yet @ SPKRBXX. Man that last picture...theres like 3 flicks of me and each of them i'm making that face. wtf. BIG SHOUT OUT TO DEE! For being one of the only peeps that dressed in 80s mode.
Mel played a bunch of 80s bangers and 90s house jams and what not, its been a minute since hes touched down in H-Town.  He broke us off real nice.  THANKS MEL!