Those bullet things in Mario made the raddest noise.

I always try to emulate it and end up sounding like a dumbie.

RrAaIiSsEe IiTt UuPp

BOONDOCKS very first 18+ party!!!

THURSDAY, December 3rd

! ! ! R A I S E I T U P ! ! !

18+| $5
21+ |FREE


I Look Down

Naming blends is the worst thing ever.
I couldn't come up with anything clever on this one.
I wasn't trying to make a funny like,

"I look like I have down syndrome"

or anything like that.



(Bird P on the graphic)


Red Bull BC One (I don't even know what that stands for) highlights. This french dude Lilou smarshed it! Congrats brozekial!



Digi release NOV 23RD.

9 Years

...Since Dj Screw passed away.

I remember the first time I heard of him some dude in middle school introduced me to him...I was like "Dj Screw? Thats a funny name."

Big Body Bugatti

Only in Texas would a dude do it extremely grande and jack up a Bugatti like this.

I heard on the radio that supposedly it was staged kinda like the balloon thing and dude owns some sort of restoration business.


Louis Vuitton Tran approved

Ewok x Pose x Korea

POSE & EWOK in KOREA - A Supervision Film. from Ironlak on Vimeo.

2 of my favorite (illest!) artists evar collaborating on a wall in Korea.

(via Revok1.com)

o hai

Man I haven't posted in 2 weeks. Yer boy been busy...BUT I JUST GOT INNERNETS SO IM BACK NOW!