Raise It Up Maiden!

Shout out to Paul for hooking this one up.

David Choe

Love this dudes work.

Squincy Jones - I Can Haz Bass (2010) (128)

Squincy Jones - I Can Haz Bass (2010) (128) by SquincyJones

Taz Buckfaster - Shatap (Still Tippin Edit*)
Bokator - Cockney Disko Cash Bootleg (Who? Edit*)
Birdy - Gay On Toast
Juju - Punks (DZ Remix)
Bleed - I Love Haterz
Jayou - Zub
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
12th Planet ft Juakali - Reasons (Doctor P Remix)
Plan B - She Said (16 Bit Remix) (Boyz N The Hood Edit*)
RSD - On Deck
S-X - Woooo Riddim (B.O.B. Edit*)
Rusko - Woo Boost (Borgore Remix)
Joker - Tron
Lil Flip - Im A Baller (Patchwork Pirates Edit)
Gemmy - Supligen
Rustie - Tempered
Addison Groove - Footcrab
Zomby - The Lie

*Squincy Jones Stank On It




This is the mix I was giving away at Summerfest.

I'll post up the link as soon as I get the artwork.

If you can't wait until then, email me a picture of yourself peeing your pants and i'll shoot you a link then.


The Gate



Nosaj Thing jammin

Bugged out stuff. Would probably have fell asleep if I was there in person. Looks like fun though.

Summerfest Recap

Summerfest = Music. People. Sweat. Mud. Awesome.


Sunday. Right before the rain.

My hand is cooler than your hand.

Was giving these away. Artwork coming soon.

The mixer I was twurking with. (Orbitz for dayzzzzzz)

Andddddddd favorite part of the whole thing.

Houston now has a rad ass music gathering of the sort. Saw people I haven't seen in forever, got to hang with friends, meet new folks, can't wait to do it again next year.

Dayta's turns 26

This year it fell on a Monday, so we didn't wyle out too hard.

Getting down on the Vestax VCI-300 before the grubdown.

This was our waiter, Goro: Prince of Sinh Sinh

THE FEAST. I usually get the whitest thing on the menu, General Tso Tso Def chicken. But Jesse outdid me this time and ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken.

This is the most food i've seen ordered here. (Sharing is Caring)


1200 Eggrolls
Cashew Shrimp (complete w/ Helmann's Mayo)
General Tso
Sweet N Sour Chicken
Bo Luc Lac
Life (Thats all I can remember)

Roy demonstrating the VCI-5000.


Mortal Kombat Reboot

Doesn't look half bad.....although I know its gonna suck. The fight scene looked mad kung fooey. In the game they made people more super human and would fly around and shit, throw fireballs, Johnny Cage didn't even throw a fireball in that scene!


Lorn has been known for making some of the sickest loops to scratch to.


Remembering Killdozer

I had no idea this happened. This is so awesome

This song was playing in my head when I watched the footage.

Free Press Summerfest Lineuppp

Full Lineup Here

DAY 1: JUNE 5th

Fancy Pants Stage
2:00-5:30 DIRB! DJs

G.Wizz - 2:00
Gracie - 2:40
Tonio - 3:20
Squincy - 4:00
Dirty Honey's Brett Koshkin - 4:40

5:30-6:05 Guerilla FoCo Plan
6:05-6:40 Nosaprise
6:40-7:00 Ghost Mountain


DAY 2: JUNE 6th

Fancy Pants Stage
11:00-3:00 DIRB! DJs: DIRB! DJs

G.Wizz - 11:00
Squincy - 12:00
Gracie - 1:00
Tonio - 2:00

3:00-5:30 DJ Meshak

5:30-6:05 Mic Skills


RUBBER EXTRACT 2 from oizo mr on Vimeo.

Upcoming film by Mr Oizo....looks awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee.