Ninja Gaiden Riddim

My first beat!

I named it YES! because the Ninja Gaiden sample goes mega hard!!!



I went to NYC a couple weeks ago mainly to hang out with homies that live there and explore the city.  I djed twice on Saturday,

once here,

Then earlier in the day at Triple 5 Soul with my homie Brent who I crashed with while I was there. (YOU'RE MY BOY BRENTON!)

I didn't get any flicks from the Arlo & Esme party, but it was off the chain link, trust. Morsy took a bunch of flicks but I don't think he quite uploaded them yet.

Heres some flicks from me around the city.

Trent and I at the 'dumpling spot.'  I ate there about 2903490743 times in 5 days.

'Nekst' really dope spot in Chinatown.

Rad van by Turntable Lab.

Trent doing spin kicks.

Me yelling at Trent to be careful.

Fat Beats aka 'Hi this is a sauna and we just happen to sell records.'

Artichoke Pizza, waited about 40 minutes for really awesome pizza.

Awesome sketch Brent did of me on the subway.  I was playing Bomber Blitz the whole time on my sk.  (You'll never beat my high score!!!!)

This is probably my favorite picture of the whole trip.  This is Lily's footprint next to Morsy's bed.  She took a nap and managed to kick the wall with her dirty ass foot.

Shout out to Lily. [cups hands, whistles]



Next Thursday @ Speakerboxx...


For the first time SPKRBXX is 18+ its goin' down ya'll!

Gab-E and Johnny Moon on the one's and two's!!!


Tomorrow @ Engine Room

I'll be playing Old School/Underground Hip Hop and Dancehall.



Gracie Chavez - Yo! Mami!

A lil sumthin' sumthin' I help Gracie put together.


1. 10,000 Nights of Thunder (Plimsouls remix) - Alphabeat / Shake (Mentirosa) - Ying Yang Twins feat. Pittbull
2. Day N Nig
ht (Crookers First Remix) - Kid Cudi
3. Playmate (Jesse Rose remix) - Aramand Van Helden
4. KryptoBounce - Klever

5. Poison (Tittsworth remix) - Bell Biv DeVoe
6. It Takes Two - Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
7. Give It All Yo
u Got - Afro Rican
8. World Town -M
9. Demole O Meu Barraco - Tati Que
bra Barraco
10. Cerol Na Mão - Bonde Do Tigrao
11. Mas Com Vo
cê - DJ Sujinho & Zuzuka
12. Tire A Camisa - Dennis D
J & MC Cabo
13. My Neck, My Back - Cabide DJ
14. Bossy (Switch remix) - K
15. Phat Bottom Girls (Dave Nada remix) - Queen
16. Shake
& Pop - Green Velvet
17. Low (jook remix) - Flo Rida
18. Café Con Leche - El Presidente
19. K
rispy Klub - DJ Aristocat
20. Short Dick Man - 20 Fingers feat. Gillette
21. Short Dick Cuizi - Yel
22. All The Gir
ls Around The World (Klever So So Death Remix) - DJ Blaqstarr
23. Call Me Up (Kil
l The Noise remix) - Chromeo (Squincy Jones Geek-out)
24. Frontin (Starkey rem
x) - Pharrell
25. Oh - Ciara

Holla at the Mami: graciechavez@gmail.com

Bloop Beep Beep Boop Bleep

Big Ideas (Don't get any) from 1030 on Vimeo.

So this dude does a remix of a new Radiohead song with a weird time signature. While all these producers are trying to do some electronic rave shit, Mr. James Houston incorporated

Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Guitars (rhythm & lead)
Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer - Drums
HP Scanjet 3c - Bass Guitar
Hard Drive array - Act as a collection of bad speakers - Vocals & FX

to remix the track.

Man people rule sometimes.

Boop Beep



Speakerboxx Summer Lineup

Vote Eli


Upcoming ad in Hater Magazine.

If you've been under a rock or don't get your internet fix often you might not know who Eli Porter is. So I decided to take the time to invent a website called youtube to introduce you.

Awkward pause so necessary.

Skatepark Grand Opening


Man it was so much fun. I played Hip Hop, Breaks, decent blog house, Rock, only thing I really lacked was punk rock type ish that skaters used to jam in the 80s. =/ I felt kinda bad about that.

Sosososososososososo much fun.

Peep the phone camera pictures

Doors open

View from behind me

People pouring in

Nice View

Photo: Ruben

* * * *


So I was selling mixtapes a the Skatepark and about 30 minutes after Trent and I bail, I get a phone call.

Caller: Hey..Hi is this Squincy...Squincy Jones?

Me: Yeah hi.

C: Hey, hey man how ya doin, I was just at your show at the skatepark...my names (something something I can't remember) and uhh I bought you mixtape.

M: Ah cool man.

C: Yeah well, I really liked what you were playing at the skatepark and when I bought the mixtape, I thought it was gonna be the stuff you were playing.

M: ok...

C: Yeah the stuff on this mixtape is garbage, its just a bunch of HOOTS AND
, can I get my five dollars back?

M: Yes, yes you can get your five dollars back.

C: Oh ok cool, where you playing again next?

M: The backroom.

C: Oh ok, well, i'll see you there!


* * * *

Man I couldn't stop laughing after that. I was half pissed off and half amazed because I had a feeling something like that was gonna happen because I didn't play any dub at all and was selling Nintendub cds.

So let me clarify.


is not for

. . .

Man this is terrible, the picture is mindblowing.

Taken from: http://www.newschannel5.tv/2008/6/2/992215/Valley-Residents-Killed-in-Matamoros-Crash

Valley Residents Killed in Matamoros Crash

Accident happened during family bicycle tour

MATAMOROS, Mexico - A fatal crash happened in Matamoros during a family bicycle tour. Friends of the victims tell NEWSCHANNEL 5 at least 5 people died.

So far, one of the victims was identified. He's 30-year old Alejandro Alvarez of Brownsville. At least 12 people are hurt. Ten of them are in critical condition right now. Several victims were taken to a Brownsville hospital.

Mexican media reports Jesse Campos of Brownsville was under the influence of drugs, when he tried to drive pass a police car escorting the cyclists, and crashed into a crowd of riders.