THE happiest day of my life so far

Joe Esposito - You're The Best

I've been singing this hook in my best 80's voice for the last couple of weeks and I finally found the track (by accident) on another blog (YES LAME I KNOW!)

Thank you Genevan Heathen for having this wonderful song on your blog. http://genevanheathen.blogspot.com/




Man Brent done did it again. Holler at Empanadamn (www.myspace.com/haterzville) for flyer design folks!


I had a talk with Nos Def on aim a couple days before the party last night.

I hit him with a barrage of questions because they just kept shooting off in my head randomly. My questions went a lil something like this even though they didn't get recorded in aim.

Why don't you smile in pictures?

How would you describe the album?

What are your favorite tracks?

Who did the art for your album?

And of course....any shout outs?

Heres what my man Nosaprise had to say

nosaprise: whats good kid

nosaprise: hhaaaaa

nosaprise: there 14 tracks on the album , i like all the tracks on it iguess my favorite is this song called ebb on it and i don't smile inpictures cause i was told it lowers my street cred

nosaprise: and we all know how important that is in this dog eat dogbidnezz

nosaprise: my homie aaron smith we gre up together i've known him since1st or 2nd grade and he does most of my art work for flyers, tshirts andstuff

nosaprise: hmmmm let me see
nosaprise: well not sure if theres anything else i want to put outthere. but i 'de like to say thanks to my homie that help this music happen like joel at sucker punch , hurricane , bobby , comp1 and ya'll speakerboxx cats for hosting this lil shindig



Q&A w/ Wendy City

I caught up with Ms. Wendy City on aim while we were both @ work and it went a little something like this.

Wendy City: what up!
Squincy Jones: how you doinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
WC: im at work
WC: just ate lunch
SJ: so what kinda music do you usually play?
WC: i play all types
WC: i try to play all types in one set
SJ: ahh, the all type type
WC: give some range
SJ: cool
SJ: so you from la or ?
WC: la/oc
SJ: howd you come up with wendy city?
WC: well... first it was the guy from ONYX. everytime he saw me he was like "wendy city!"
SJ: so you got your name from the dude in onyx...how rad is that
SJ: you have any mixes floating around on the innernets?
WC: i have one mix but its old, live mix
SJ: Groovy
SJ: Any favorite tracks of the moment?
WC: favorite... im still feeling that midnight juggernaut old shadow track
SJ: (Googles it)
(Won't let me embed for some odd ass reason)
WC: but...90s is my heart, some expose swv
SJ: mos def
SJ: how long you been djing
WC: hmm...not too long. 2 yrs
WC: i learned way quick
WC: plus all my friends are djs
WC: i use to mess with my old roomies turntables back in the day
WC: when vinyl was still around
WC: this was in 98
WC: i would try to scratch and all
SJ: Any last shouts or anythang?
WC: to my top 8 as always... holler!
Visit Wendy on the web @ http://www.myspace.com/choniezzz


My baby girls bday!!!

And heres the bday party!

Its goin down! Wendy City from Cali is comin dahn for the Beat Tour!


Grown Folks Music Album Release Party @ SPKRBXX

This week @ Speakerboxx our good friend Nosa is dropping his debut album Grown Folks Music

* * * S P E C I A L G U E S T D J S * * *

Curtis & Dick Almighty

Its goin dahn dahn dahn.


Nintendub Sangles!

Couple of joints I cooked up since people were asking for them. Label it how you please. I call it dubstep with an acapella seasoned on top. You can call it Thugstep or whatever, I respect Nappy and his movement, but when I made the tape I wasn't like, "Oh this is Thugstep." I was trying to make something out of things I like. Enjoy!

Squincy Jones - Shawty Swing (Nintendub Edit) - Mike Lennon: When Science Fails (Hektagon Remix) / Kp & Envi - Shorty Swing My Way

Squincy Jones - Freaky Girl (Nintendub Edit) - (Chimpo: Lockoff / Gucci Mane ft. Ludacris: Freaky Girl

Squincy Jones - 3 Kings (Nintendub Edit) - (Walsh and Kromestar: Panik Room / Slim Thug ft. T.I. & Bun B: 3 Kings


Nintendub Cover Art


Empanadamn hooked it up chubby on this one!




Man it took a minute, but was well worth it.

COP YOURS AT SXSW !! ! ! ! ! !! !



Mayne its going dahn tommorow @ GRAB! First dubstep show for me! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


This is a promo mix i'm gonna be giving away at Gritsy (and SXSW)


I worked on this bad jackson for about 2-3 weeks. I had a couple beta versions I worked on and slowly kept adding to it. I'm very proud of it. It combines three of the raddest things to ever happen to music.

- Dubstep
- 8bit Nintendo Loops
- Rap

= Nintendub


* * * * * * * * * T R A C K L I S T I N G * * * * * * * * *
Mario Ds Screwed Intro
Rogue State - Lions Paw (Metroid - Kraid's Hide Edit)
Babylon System - Da
ncing Shoes (Draped Out Edit)
Walsh & Kromestarr - Panik Room
(3 Kings Edit)
Marlow - Road Kill
(Goonies Edit)
Benga - Zombie Jig (Wizards & Warriors Kryptonite Edit)

Rusko - Hornz Cru (Diet Kryptonite Edit)
Loefah - Disko Rekah
(Goonies Pop Trunk Edit)
Unsolved Mysteries Theme
Chimpo - Lockoff (Freaky Girl
Nastee Boi - Bangorz (Knuck if
you Buck Edit)
Mike Lennon - When Science Fai
ls (Hektagon Remix) (Shorty Swing Edit)
Babylon Syst
em - Loaded
Dj Unk - Beatn Dow
n Yo Block
gie - End Dub
Rustie - Response
DZ - Just Ro
Rustie - Jagz The Smack (Zelda Edit)
Gerard McMann - C
ry Little Sister
Kode 9 - 9 Sam
Kode 9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Mega amped for SXSW this year...1) Because i'm playing for the first time. 2) Because sxsw is the mostest funnestest thing evar. OKAEEEEEE?!

My main show on Thursdee...Skratch Bastid sent me this last night. I likes it.

Bird P sent me this this mornting...ill design as well.


Fly Paper Mag 1 Yr Party photos

Here some flicks from the Fly Paper Magazine 1yr Anniversary presented by BN2 Society & Fly Guy Productions.

March 1st - best day evar

-On call

-Went into work 3 times

-Had to install serato at the club, clubs internet was down, installed wrong serato version

-Ex's ex/new boyfriend threatened me at the club WHILE DJING

-Sound sucked


I can now put March 1st behind me.