Man this looks crazy awesome.

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Chewie vaccinated


My poor booger got his rabies shot this past weekend.

Krampfhaft Spit Thunder EP Promo

D R I V I N S L O W A N D S I P P I N D R A N K .

Krampfhaft // Spit Thunder EP teaser
7" vinyl and digital ep release on
Spit Thunder (STRT001)

Hoverboards are coming


Shail made me think of this last night.

Drank ring busted

Arrested as the accused ringleader was Lucita Uy, a 70-year-old grandmother originally from the Philippines. She served 20 months in federal prison a decade ago for money laundering.

The syrup stockpile allegedly allowed its sellers to make millions of dollars and purchase luxury cars, Rolex watches and numerous commercial and residential properties in California and Texas.

via chron.com

Wo-Hen Nankan

aka Vietnamese Prince aka Tuan Anh aka awesome.

I can't find a wiki for this dude but I did find an incredible amount of amazing videos.